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Earn a Certificate

Polish your leadership credentials or chart a new career path.

  • Strengthen Leadership and Intellectual Capacity

    Texas Executive Education classes are taught by faculty from The University of Texas at Austin and industry experts, and designed to develop specific skill sets. Certificate Programs provide academic and intellectual rigor while fine-tuning applicable real-world expertise in a focused series of classes. These programs help impart valuable skills and thought processes to an organization as a whole.
Inviting Classroom Experiences
Excellent instructors with a great communication style. Each one created an inviting classroom experience.

Take Your Career to the Next Level

Choose the path that will help you polish your credentials with flexible, stackable certificate options.

  • Executive Leadership Certificate
    Women in white blazer stands at from of classroom.
    Executive Leadership Certificate

    Master the art of exceptional leadership through this advanced-level credential.

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  • Managerial Leadership Certificate
    Two business people talking in an office.
    Managerial Leadership Certificate

    Develop the core skills to lead teams and business units.

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  • Strategic Decision Certificate
    View of someone's hand pointing to a notebook.
    Strategic Decision Certificate

    Recognize risks from your stakeholders’ perspectives and generate better alternatives.

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  • Supply Chain Management Certificate
    People looking at a computer in a warehouse.
    Supply Chain Management Certificate

    Process and strategies behind acquiring, producing and delivering goods and services.

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  • Energy Certificate
    Hands typing on a laptop with charts on it.
    Energy Certificate

    Examine complexities of the energy industry and multifaceted aspects of the field.

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  • Marketing Certificate
    Lady looking at whiteboard with post it notes.
    Marketing Certificate

    Impact of marketing strategies and tactics, and how to implement them into your business model.

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Chart a New Career

Start your career or chart a new path with an intensive, skills-based certificate program tailored to a specific industry or role.

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  • Health Informatics and Health IT
    Glowing biometric fingerprint on a black screen.
    Health Informatics and Health IT

    Get certified to join one of the fasted growing fields within healthcare.

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  • Data Analysis and Visualization
    Colorful data charts on a screen.
    Data Analysis and Visualization

    Boot camp with practical and technical skills to analyze and solve complex data problems.

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  • UX/UI Boot Camp
    Lady looking at whiteboard with post it notes.
    UX/UI Boot Camp

    Develop the skills you need for UX research and UI design.

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  • Cybersecurity Boot Camp
    Man looks at a computer within a server room.
    Cybersecurity Boot Camp

    A multidisciplinary approach to learning IT, networking, info security and industry tools.

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  • Digital Marketing Boot Camp
    Man leaning over laptop typing in an office.
    Digital Marketing Boot Camp

    Learn digital marketing in 18 weeks.

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  • Product Management Boot Camp
    Woman in office pointing at whiteboard.
    Product Management Boot Camp

    Become a product manager in 18 weeks.

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Certificates Offered Through Partners

Texas Executive Education also offers certificate programs through other educational partners.

  • AI and Machine Learning
    Black screen with neon charts on it.
    AI and Machine Learning

    Offered in partnership with Great Learning.

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  • Data Science and Business Analytics
    Two people working at night in an office with bright screens.
    Data Science and Business Analytics

    Offered in partnership with Great Learning.

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  • Artificial Intelligence for Leaders
    Man in suit leaning over desk with laptop open.
    Artificial Intelligence for Leaders

    Offered in partnership with Great Learning.

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  • Cloud Computing
    Computer screen with blue and white clouds illuminated on it.
    Cloud Computing

    Offered in partnership with Great Learning.

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  • FinTech: The Future of Finance
    Neon colored charts on a black screen.
    FinTech: The Future of Finance

    Offered in partnership with edX.

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  • Cybersecurity
    Computer graphic image of a shield and lock.

    Offered in partnership with Great Learning.

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  • Full Stack Software Development
    Full Stack Software Development

    Offered in partnership with Great Learning.

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  • Executive Program - Energy Leaders
    Executive Program - Energy Leaders

    Lead your organization from volatility to value.

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Texas Executive Education now offers digital badges upon completion of select certificate programs and courses. Bages enable you to verify your skills and achievement, and showcase them on your social media (LinkedIn) profile. See our available badges here.

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