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Texas BPP Certificate Program

The University of Texas at Austin Business & Public Policy Certificate Program provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to have an officially recognized concentration in the study of business and public policy.

  • Well-rounded and prepared

    Business & Public Policy Certificate holders understand the impact of the political process on a business. Students earn certification through combining an intense curriculum of political science, business, law, and public relations. Certificate holders are prepared to enter a career in law, governmental and non-governmental organizations, nonprofit organizations, and many others.



The certificate is open to all UT undergraduates--business and non-business. In order for your application to be considered for acceptance to the program, you must be a degree-seeking student with upper-division standing and have completed 24 hours in-residence prior to applying


Admission to the program is based on a student's overall academic record. For priority admission consideration, apply by April 1st for the following fall semester and October 1st for the following spring semester. Late applications will be considered, but will not have priority over the current admission class. 

To Apply for the Business and Public Policy Certificate:

Step 1: Submit an application via the Registrar Document Submission page for certificates.

Step 2: Enter your EID.  From the Field of Study pull down menu, choose Business Government and Society. From the Type pull down menu, choose Business and Public Policy. Confirm your choice and submit the application.

Students enrolled in the 2018 - 2020 or earlier UT Academic Catalog are eligible to earn the Business and Public Policy Certificate.

Attend an Info Session

Info Session - Virtual

Spring Info Session

Info Session - Virtual

Spring Info Session

Thursday, February 29, 2024 @ 5:30 p.m. via ZOOM Monday, March 4, 2024 @ 5:30 p.m. via- ZOOM


The Texas BPP Certificate program requires 6 distinct courses totaling 18 semester hours, usually requiring at least two long semesters to complete due to course availability and sequencing.

Required Courses: Students must take 4 or 5 required courses (12 - 15 semester hours).
Elective Courses: Students must take 1 or 2 elective courses (3-6 semester hours).

Required Courses (12-15 hours)

If you take 4 of the 5 required courses, choose 1 elective course. If you take 3 of the 5 required courses, choose 2 elective courses.

Mandatory Courses

GOV 312L -  Issues and policies in American Government (may include the Washington Campus section of this course)


*Government 312L may be offered during the various summer sessions. For course offerings please check the Government Department site.


Acceptable Credit Combinations

GOV 310L+312L

GOV 310L+305C*

GOV 310L+306C*

GOV 305C*+306C*

Select at least 3 of the following 5 BGS courses

BGS 371 -  Corporate Political Strategy

BGS 372 -  Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility

BGS 373 -  Strategic Corporate Communication

BGS 374 -  Global Political Economy

BGS 375 -  Business and Policy in the Age of Inequality (Previously BGS 370)



Select at least 1 or 2 of the following available elective courses.

Elective Courses

  • ADV 353/PR353 -  Advertising & Public Relations Law & Ethics
  • AMS 310 -  Introduction to American Studies
  • AMS 311S -  Consumer Culture in America
  • AMS 321 -  Asian American Jurisprudence
  • BGS 325 -  Social and Ethical Responsibilities of Business
  • BGS 370.2 -  Ethics, CSR, and Service Learning
  • BGS 370.1 -  Energy Technology & Policy
  • CMS 342K -  Political Communication
  • ECO 321 -  Public Economics
  • ECO 341K -  Introduction to Econometrics
  • ECO 333K -  Development Economics
  • ECO 334K -  Urban Economics
  • ECO 339K -  International Trade and Investment
  • ECO 351K -  Current Issues in Business Economics
  • FIN 371M -  Money and Capital Markets
  • FIN 372 -  Environmental, Social & Governance Investing
  • GOV 325 -  Political Parties
  • GOV 351D -  Theoretic Foundations of Modern Politics
  • GOV 357M -  Constitutional Structures of Power
  • GOV 358 -  Introduction to Public Policy
  • GOV 360N -  Global Governance
  • GOV 365N -  Issues in Third World Development
  • GOV 370L -  Politics of Food in America
  • GOV 370L -  The United States Congress
  • GOV 379S -  Money in Politics
  • HIS 350L -  History of Imperialism
  • IB 320F -  Foundations of International Business or IB 350/EUS 348 - International Trade
  • LEB 320F -  Foundations of the Legal and Ethical Environment of Business or
  • LEB 323/323H -  Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
  • LEB 363 -  Real Estate Law
  • LEB 370.1 -  Antitrust Law
  • LEB 370.2 -  Environmental Law
  • LEB 370.3 -  Employer-Employee Relations
  • LEB 370.5 -  Law & the Multinational Corporation
  • LEB 370.18 -  Oil & Gas Law
  • PHL 325L -  Business, Ethics & Public Policy
  • PR 305 -  Fundamentals of Public Relations
  • PR 317 -  Writing for Public Relations
  • PR 319 -  Principles of Public Relations
  • PR 352 -  Strategies in Public Relations
  • PR 367 -  Integrated Communications Management
  • PR 378.5 -  Integrated Communications for Nonprofit Organizations


You will receive credit for all BPP electives (at UT Austin) taken prior to being accepted into the certificate program.

Please refer to the following for the latest information on flags, course availability, status, pre-requisites, and other information.


The semester before you complete your BPP coursework, submit your certificate request: BPP Certificate Request