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Two MS Program students collaborate in class

MIS Mentor Program

Our BBA MIS major is dynamic with immense learning opportunities, and what our students need more than anything is guidance from the professionals and alumni in our community. There is no substitute for their experience. The MIS Mentoring Program makes sure those connections are available to every student.


Indeed, one of the school’s most valuable resources, for current and past students alike, is our network of companies and industry professionals who are doing amazing and varied things around the world. All members of the Information Management community can be enriched and enhanced by forging connections within this network, starting with participation in our engaging program. The relationships made can guide you through your years of study and beyond.


What to Expect From the Fall Program:   September- December 2021


1.  Kick-Off Reception - Meet your mentor/mentee, mingle with program participants, fill out and sign your Mentoring Agreement

2.  A Monthly Guide - Sent out via email outlining the touch points and objectives for each monthly mentoring meet-up

3.  List of Events - Ideas and opportunities for mentoring meet-ups throughout the duration of the program

4.  Monthly Meetups - Commit to interacting with your mentor/mentee a minimum of three times throughout the semester (once a month)


For more information on connecting with a mentor, or how you can become an mentor in our program, you can contact us at But if you’re ready to take advantage of the Mentoring Program now, simply click on the relevant link below to get started. We look forward to hearing from you.


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