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Management is a robust and multi-layered discipline at The University of Texas at Austin. We are here to help you find your way and reach the destinations that are in your heart.


Program Name Title Room Numer Phone Email
CLE Stacey Rudnick Director, Center for Leadership and Ethics RRH 1.336 (512) 232-5553
CLE  Jamie Smith  Content Marketing Coordinator, Center for Leadership and Ethics RRH 1.326 (512) 964-2217
CLE  Brooke Rickard  Administrative Associate, Center for Leadership and Ethics  RRH 1.326  (512) 771-8865
EM  Christina Snyder  Program Administrator, Entrepreneurship Minor  GSB 2.130NA  (512) 232-2556 
HKEC  Amanda Golden  Assistant Director, Herb Kelleher Entrepreneurship Center  CBA 6.428  (512) 471-0707 
HKEC TBD  Senior Administrative Associate, Herb Kelleher Entrepreneurship Center  CBA 6.424  (512) 471-5287  TBD 
HKEC  Luis Martins  Department Chair; Director, Herb Kelleher Entrepreneurship Center  CBA 4.218  (512) 471-5286 
HKEC  Ali Arnold  Communications Specialist, Herb Kelleher Entrepreneurship Center  CBA 6.428  (512) 232-6885 
MGMT Caroline Bartel  Department Chair/Organization Science Area Coordinator  CBA 4.218  (512) 471-8314 
MGMT  Tinisha Bonaby  Administrative Operations Manager  CBA 4.216  (512) 471-5945 
MGMT  Jess Chiles  Administrative Associate/Course Scheduler & PhD Coordinator  CBA 4.202  (512) 471-2622 
MGMT  Michael Peterson  Assistant Chair/Assistant Professor of Instruction  CBA 6.496  (512) 232-9363 
MGMT  Laura DiTullio  Administrative Associate  CBA 4.202  (512) 471-5279 
MGMT  Shefali Patil  Work-in-Progress Seminar Series Manager  CBA 4.258  (512) 475-8020 
MGMT  Ram Ranganathan  Distinguished Speaker Series Manager/Graduate Advisor  CBA 4.234  (512) 471-2844 
MGMT  PK Toh  Strategic Management Area Coordinator  CBA 4.222  (512) 471-6704 
MSTC  Ian Bidot  Associate Director   RRH 1.320F  (512) 471-4700 
MSTC  Amanda Olson  Career Development Specialist for the MSTC Program  RRH 1.320A  (512) 471-2336 
MSTC  Mellie Price  Director of the MSTC (Master of Science in Technology Commercialization) Program  RRH 1.320D  (512) 471-2227 
MSTC  Marcus Coleman  Program Operations Manager   RRH 1.320  (512) 471-8133 
TVL  Ian Bidot  Texas Venture Labs Venture Parter  RRH 1.354  (760) 518-9202 
TVL  John Butler  Faculty Director, Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs  CBA 4.244  (512) 471-4788 
TVL  Mellie Price  Executive Director, Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs  RRH 1.354C  (512) 495-5123 
TVL  Pancho Gomez  Administrative Manager, Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs  RRH 
TVL Brynn Dalton  Administrative Assistant, Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs  RRH 



The following BBA graduates have agreed to answer questions from current Management majors about graduating with a degree in Management.



Job Title


 Jennifer Beck

Local Marketing Services Manager

Trammell Crow Co.

 Jeff Greening

HCM Practice Manager

Lucidity Consulting Group, LP

Shelly Hepner- Janda

Enforcement Attorney

Texas Dept of Aging & Disabilities Services