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Undergraduate Marketing


Marketing excellence is the crucial foundation for every successful business, since it bears ultimate responsibility for generating profitable revenues.  Marketers help the firm discover and exploit new technological and market opportunities and create strong brands and loyal customers in the ever-shifting competitive landscape.


Based on a thorough understanding of customers, competitors, and the overall business environment, marketers develop and implement strategies to achieve market and financial success for their firms.  They do so by identifying the customers whose needs the firm is best positioned to meet, by offering them well-designed products and services at just the right price, making these available through the right distribution channels, and promoting their offerings through innovative, informative, and persuasive communications.


The McCombs BBA in Marketing, ranked #3 in the country by U.S. News & World Report, prepares students to succeed in fast-paced marketing environments.  Students learn about the latest and emerging trends in marketing practice, even as they receive a rigorous and enduring academic foundation in the scientific disciplines that underlie marketing including psychology, economics, and statistics.  The multi-disciplinary curriculum extends outside the classroom to include real-world, hands-on, and global experiences, where students are encouraged and supported to pursue marketing internships and study abroad opportunities, which further prepare students for a career in marketing.


Successful marketers are individuals who can develop and integrate many, different skills including creativity and innovativeness, analytical capabilities, strategic thinking, financial analysis, communication and persuasion, and a deep understanding of human behavior.


Career opportunities in marketing exist in every industry and within every type and size of business.  The greater the changes in the marketplace – new product introductions, brand building and communications, competitive activity, etc. – the greater the need for strong marketing.  Exciting career paths in marketing include:  

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Brand & product marketing
  • Management and marketing consulting
  • Customer insights & marketing analytics
  • Retailing & e-tailing
  • Business development & sales
  • Advertising and public relations.

Students work in diverse industries with small, medium, and large companies including L'Oreal, Wal-Mart, Frito-Lay, Target, General Mills, Facebook, Apple, Google, and Macy's.