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Clubs & Organizations

Outside of the classroom, you’ll have the opportunity to get involved in clubs and organizations designed specifically for Full-Time MBA students.

  • Full-Time MBA Student Organizations

    Student-led clubs and organizations give you the opportunity to build your network, expand your leadership skills, learn about a new career path, and make an impact. Explore over 40+ Full-Time MBA Student Organizations, each offering the chance to meet new classmates and cultivate your interests and expertise.

Professional Development Organizations

Learn about the Full-Time MBA Student Organizations dedicated to professional development below.

Adam Smith Society

The Adam Smith Society is a community of business school students and alumni who believe that business, entrepreneurship, and commerce are wellsprings that keep this country vibrant, creative, prosperous, and free. Adam Smith Society members are dedicated to exploring the links among the economy, government, and society through rigorous debate and discussion. The Society aims to build an influential network of future business leaders dedicated to preserving and strengthening the free-market economic system.


Aerospace Management and Innovation Club

The Aerospace Management and Innovation Club offers MBA students a unique platform to explore careers in the aerospace sector spanning commercial space, airlines, defense, and more! Through guest lectures, workshops, networking events, and industry visits, students gain insights into aerospace trends and connect with industry professionals. Tailored career guidance and hands-on project opportunities equip members with the skills and experience needed to excel in aerospace management. Serving as a bridge between academia and the aerospace industry, the club fosters innovation, leadership, and success in this dynamic field.

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CleanTech Group

The CleanTech Group supports McCombs MBA students addressing global energy and environmental challenges by facilitating educational, networking, and recruiting opportunities in a range of business functions across the energy and environmental sectors. CTG organizes speaker visits, career treks locally and in Houston/San Francisco, projects with Clean Tech companies, and conversations with other student groups in McCombs and the broader UT community. The group also manages the Clean Tech Fellows program, which gives MBA students the opportunity to work intimately with a Clean Tech company.


Energy Finance Group

The primary objectives of the Energy Finance Group include: facilitating interaction between students, faculty, and industry leaders through professional, social and academic events; promoting the Energy Finance specialization to current and prospective students as well as industry recruiters; and supporting industry practicums and independent research. Other EFG activities include: Coordinating site visits to energy firms and related businesses, hosting on-campus industry topic panels, and organizing the annual National Energy Finance Challenge.


Graduate Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club

The Graduate Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club is a student organization made up of students and alumni from McCombs and budding entrepreneurs in the Austin area. The goal of the organization is to use its network and guidance to equip its members with the leadership skills to successfully manage a business or business unit. The graduate Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club's mission is to advance the understanding of startups or self-run companies. In conjunction with the outstanding faculty and curriculum offered by McCombs, the Graduate Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club provides resources for the would-be entrepreneur to pick up the necessary skills for starting a business and to network with others for assistance, guidance, or to simply share their passion for creating a business.


MBA Tech Club

The MBA Tech Club provides educational, career, and networking opportunities for students who are interested in the high-tech sector or business areas that are strategically impacted by information technology. This organization understands that tomorrow’s business leaders must embrace technology and apply that knowledge in making their corporations succeed. MBA Tech Club co-hosts the annual Tech-Ops Challenge as well as works with the faculty and administration at McCombs to formulate a world-class curriculum for the Information Management Concentration. MBA Tech Club also organizes academic events like speaker series, industry tours, luncheons with professors, and a case challenge competition.


Graduate Consulting Group

The mission of the Graduate Consulting Group is to assist students interested in a consulting career. A wide variety of student-run activities, including the Consulting Case Challenge, are designed to educate members about the industry and prepare members for their consulting careers by providing intense case interview practice and company data. The GCG also represents Texas MBA issues and needs to consulting firm sponsors and recruiters. GCG works to furnish students with the tools necessary to build successful careers in consulting, and enable them to build long-lasting relationships with consulting firms and organizations.


Graduate Finance Association

The Graduate Finance Association prepares students for various careers in finance, including corporate finance, investment and commercial banking, and investment management. The GFA sponsors the Finance Challenge, an exciting three-day open event in which teams of MBAs present solutions to a complex financial case study. The GFA also coordinates two trips to New York City to meet with various firms and plans several social events and speaker panels over the course of the year.


Graduate Marketing Network

The Graduate Marketing Network (GMN) provides members with the tools and resources to connect them to their marketing interests and help them discover new ones. Through hands-on experiences, cutting-edge speakers, and innovative workshops, GMN provides its members with a current perspective on marketing and prepares them for successful futures as marketing professionals.


Graduate Operations Group

The Graduate Operations Group is dedicated to promoting and creating awareness of the Supply Chain and Operations Management concentration at McCombs. The organization works to assists those who want to balance out their MBA with knowledge of project management, supply chain, quality initiatives, and process improvement. The goal of the organization is to help members gain greater exposure to the operations field through a series of factory tours, speakers, and the annual Tech-Ops Challenge. It also assists its members in their internship and full-time employment searches.


Graduate Real Estate Society

The Graduate Real Estate Society works in coordination with the Real Estate Finance and Investment Center (REFIC) at The University of Texas at Austin to organize, educate, encourage, and assist students with future careers in real estate. GRES enables students to network with other students interested in real estate, as well as expose them to faculty, alumni, and recruiters in the real estate industry. Each fall semester, GRES sponsors the National Real Estate Challenge, the premier MBA real estate challenge in the country, which brings teams from 20 of the top-ranked MBA programs to Austin. GRES also sponsors a spring golf tournament, project tours, guest speakers, and seminars throughout the year.


Graduate Women in Business

Graduate Women in Business (GWiB) strives to improve the visibility of women at McCombs, to offer career development resources to members, provide opportunities for members to enhance the skills they need to remain competitive in the marketplace, be an informational resource for prospective McCombs students, assist organizations serving women in its community, connect its members to articles and news stories that are related to women’s issues in the workplace, and promote a spirit of camaraderie among its members and women in the business community. McCombs Graduate Women in Business also serves as a resource for the annual Women in Business Leadership Conference.


MBA Healthcare Association

The mission of the MBA Healthcare Association is to offer unique opportunities to learn, lead, and succeed in preparing for the challenges of today's highly competitive healthcare industry. The Association hopes to foster student understanding of the healthcare business, share knowledge of careers in the healthcare industry, provide opportunities for students to exhibit knowledge and skills to employers, and encourage and facilitate the development of relationships among McCombs students and the public and private sectors.


Net Impact

Net Impact is an international network of over 50,000 members and 300 chapters that are dedicated to exploring, creating, and pioneering ways of using the power of business to create a better world. Net Impact McCombs focuses on issues, including corporate responsibility, employee workplace practices, human rights, environmental sustainability, and community development. The group hosts speaker series with national and local business and community leaders, alumni/member gatherings, career support, and networking opportunities. Net Impact also hosts the annual Business for Good Summit, supports membership participation in the national conference, and launched a Board Fellows program.


Sports, Entertainment and Media Association

The mission of the Sports, Entertainment and Media Association is to make McCombs a learning destination for students pursuing careers in the business aspects of sports and entertainment. The goals of the organization are to provide formal and informal learning opportunities in sports and entertainment management, initiate and maintain a strong network of contacts and provide career opportunities for association members. SEMA hosts an annual conference in the fall which unites industry professionals and students and provides participants the opportunity to challenge one another and learn from discussions and networking.



Affinity Groups

Learn about the Full-Time MBA Affinity Groups & Organizations below.

Black Graduate Business Association

Founded in 1985, the Black Graduate Business Association is built on the achievements of its membership. BGBA members represent a variety of academic concentrations and political, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Members’ business interests range from the public to the private sector, entrepreneurship, and national and international markets in various areas of the business world. As a professional organization of predominantly Black students pursuing an MBA, the BGBA’s purpose is to provide a nexus through fellowship to broaden, enhance and promote the successful futures of its members.

Learn more about Black Graduate Business Association 

East Asian Business Association

The East Asian Business Association is dedicated to establishing and strengthening both the business and cultural relationship between Texas MBAs and China. The organization works to improve the overall environment of Chinese business students and fosters networking opportunities with students from other schools and alumni. The group welcomes all students interested in Chinese business or culture. 


EQUAL MBAs is a social and career networking group for MBAs who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, questioning, or just a friend or supporter of the LGBTQ community. EQUAL MBAs works to promote awareness of the LGBTQ community among current and prospective students at McCombs and to keep affiliated alumni connected to the organization. Additionally, the group provides its members with networking opportunities with companies that seek to recruit LGBTQ employees.

South Asian Business Association

The South Asian Business Association’s mission is to create cultural awareness and generate interest about India within the McCombs community, as well as create value for its existing members through social and professional networking opportunities. SABA is committed to fostering cultural ties among Indian students, maintaining closer relationships with alumni, providing networking opportunities in the Indian business community, and promoting awareness of India’s role in the global economy.

International MBA Student Association

The International MBA Student Association welcomes all students and offers its members the opportunity to develop professional relationships and friendships with people from all over the world. Its mission is to promote the study of international business. As the focal point of international activity within McCombs, IMBASA prepares future business leaders to compete in a dynamic, global environment by organizing many exciting events. It serves as a bridge between the domestic and international students and balances a threefold focus on placement, education, and socialization. IMBASA hosts McCombs’ largest MBA event, International Night, which gives students from all over the world an opportunity to open the doors to their culture for their MBA colleagues with a night of food, dancing, traditional games, and entertainment.


Jewish MBA Organization

The Jewish MBA Organization is primarily a social and networking organization. Its events provide an opportunity to learn about the Austin Jewish community, to meet other Jewish graduate students, network with local Jewish business leaders, and be involved with and aware of current events. JMBA is set up to serve as a social network for all Jewish MBA students and friends. Its design is to allow everyone (orthodox, conservative, reform, and non-practicing Jews) to get together informally for social and religious events. Membership is free and open to all (Jewish and non-Jewish alike).


Latin American and Hispanic MBA Association

The mission of the Latin American and Hispanic MBA Association (LAHMBA) is to enhance the Hispanic American and Latin-American student MBA experience by providing additional tools to develop professional, academic, and social development. The LAHMBA facilitates job search functions, helps build a contact network, promotes McCombs as one of the top business schools in the world, and provides exposure opportunities with recruiters. The group organizes a trip to the annual conference of the National Society of Hispanic MBAs, the largest fair for Hispanics in the country, as well as the Global Business Challenge, the only multidisciplinary challenge in the MBA program.

MBA Christian Fellowship

The MBA Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational group of MBA students whose goal is to grow a sense of spiritual community at McCombs through weekly Bible studies, discussion groups, social events, and guest speakers. MBACF’s focus is to provide students the opportunity to learn from Christian business leaders and to develop genuine relationships, both with Christ and with one another.


Texas Veterans in Business

Texas Veterans in Business (TVIB) fosters camaraderie among MBA students who previously served, or continue to serve, in any nation’s armed forces. TVIB is comprised of a unique set of MBA students who share an extraordinary set of leadership skills, cultivated and practiced under the most adverse conditions. The organization focuses on drawing parallels between the principles learned in the military and the skills required to be successful in business. TVIB maintains relationships with other ex-military MBAs at top business schools around the country and provides information to current or ex-military applicants.

Learn more about Texas Veterans in Business.

Social & Sports Organizations

Learn about the Full-Time MBA Social and Sports Clubs & Organizations below.

Graduate Business Adventure Team

The Graduate Business Adventure Team was formed to provide training support, education, and—when necessary—motivation for MBA students and faculty with an interest in multi-sport events and/or adventure racing. GBAT’s activities include regular training events such as open water swimming at Barton Springs, road and mountain bike rides throughout the Hill Country, as well as a speaker series that includes discussions on nutrition, injury prevention, and open discussions with “celebrity” multi-sport athletes. GBAT provides outlets for students to remain physically active throughout the school year and aims to create a complete graduate school experience while promoting a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle.


Graduate Business Wine Club

The Graduate Business Wine Club was established to give students the opportunity to gain an education in libation, network while tasting a variety of wines from different grapes and regions, and provide an open forum to discuss the various aspects of the industry.


Food and Beverage Innovation Club

The Food and Beverage Innovation Club loves food and people who love food. The club aims to help connect the McCombs community by exploring Austin to find great food and drinks, learn about the restaurant industry, and expand horizons by experiencing new trends in fine dining and different cultures.


MBA Golf Association

The MBA Golf Association facilitates interaction in the McCombs community through the game of golf. In bringing together students, faculty, staff, alumni, recruiters and business leaders, the association seeks to enhance the overall experience of the Texas Full-Time MBA program through member support and player development, innovative recruiting and networking events, special events, and community outreach. MBA Golf welcomes everyone from beginning golfers to advanced players and provides events that cater to all skill levels.


MBA Soccer Club

The MBA Soccer Club is for men and women of all skill levels who enjoy playing soccer. The group meets for friendly soccer scrimmages and places teams in fall and spring intramural tournaments, a local city league, and national MBA invitational tournaments. The group’s biggest annual event is the Texas Winter Classic MBA Invitational Soccer Tournament, which is held in Austin and hosts MBA teams from top programs around North America and Europe.


MBA Wellness Collective

The MBA Wellness Collective provides its members with the tools, time, and space to cultivate a balanced, healthy lifestyle. The club offers free yoga & meditation classes for members, serves as a bridge between McCombs and the Austin wellness community, organizes wellness retreats, and aims to build upon the conversation of the importance of wellness initiatives within the workplace.


Leadership Organizations

Learn about Full-Time MBA program leadership organizations below.

Graduate Business Council

The Graduate Business Council (GBC) is the student government for all students enrolled in the Texas MBA Program at McCombs. The GBC serves as a liaison between the student body and the MBA Program administration and works to foster a strong sense of community and pride within McCombs. The GBC organizes many events throughout the year, including MBA Tailgates before each home football game, weekly Think 'n Drink events, MBA Spring Formal, community service events, partner and family events, and more.


McCombs Ambassador Committee

The McCombs Ambassador Committee (MAC) is a group of students who are selected to serve as representatives of the MBA admissions team. MAC members are often the first point of contact that prospective students have with McCombs, and they help future MBAs navigate through the application process. Students on the MAC are involved in many aspects of the MBA admissions process, including answering prospective student questions via email or phone, hosting campus visits, and conducting admissions interviews. Serving on the MAC provides members the unique opportunity to give back to the McCombs community and have a direct impact on the next class of Texas MBA students.


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