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Career Development

Texas McCombs offers dedicated career resources and support designed specifically for working professionals in the Greater Houston area.

  • Unparalleled Career Support

    From providing a support system for your customized career development, to implementing training programs for the skills you need, our dedicated career team’s systematic approach to life-long achievement helps you build on your current career, and prepares you to leverage the Texas McCombs global network beyond the program to fulfill all of your long-term goals.

Career Resources

All MBA at Houston students have access to a range of resources and support from the Texas McCombs Career Management and Corporate Relations (CMCR) team and from one of the largest and most engaged alumni networks in the world.

Career Advising

You'll have access to a team of dedicated career consultants for professional guidance and to connect you with resources such as planning, training, and alumni support.

Employer Connections

In addition to a variety of employers participating in our recruiting events - networking events, career fairs, and information sessions - there are countless ways to network with employers in your area while pursuing your Texas McCombs MBA

Specialty Coaching

As part of the Texas McCombs+ program, you'll have access to communication and specialty coaches - seasoned experts who are ready to work with you one-on-one to refine your skills in communication, leadership, strategy, organizational culture, and much more.

Education & Training

Learn how to successfully transition into a new career or accelerate your current one through our career education courses. Taught by seasoned experts, and with a curriculum custom-built for working professionals, these classes cover a variety of career-related topics—from networking to interviewing to negotiating. You’ll develop the skills necessary to make strides in your career during the program and after graduation.

Alumni Network

As a Texas McCombs MBA, you will join a passionate and powerful network of Longhorn alumni around the world.

  • 540,000+ University of Texas at Austin alumni in 176 countries
  • 103,000+ McCombs School of Business alumni in 102 countries
  • 23,000+ Texas McCombs MBA alumni

Learn more about the McCombs alumni community

Career Management for Life

After you graduate, no matter what career stage you are in, as a Texas McCombs MBA alumnus, you'll have access to career management resources for life. Whether you're seeking a new job, ready to make a career transformation, or looking to stay connected and nurture your network, the McCombs Alumni Career Management team is available to provide resources, coaching, and support.

What's Your Career Path?

Career Enhancer

I want to continue an upward trajectory in the same career function or industry.

Career Switcher

I know that I want to transition to a different function and/or industry.

Career Explorer

I'm curious about other industries and functions and would like to learn about different career paths while I pursue my MBA.


I want to become a founder or join a startup. Or I'm already a founder or part of a startup but want to sharpen my business skills.

Career Outcomes at a Glance

  • Career Enhancers

    42% of the Working Professional MBA Class of 2021 self-reported as a Career Enhancer.
  • Career Switchers

    54% of the Working Professional MBA Class of 2021 self-reported as a Career Switcher.
  • Entrepreneurs

    4% of the Working Professional MBA Class of 2021 self-reported as am Entrepreneur/Founder.
  • Advancement & Mobility

    74% of the Working Professional MBA Class of 2021 received a promotion, while 80% changed jobs (at the same company or a new company).
  • Top Industries

    The top five industries upon graduation for the Working Professional MBA Class of 2021 were Technology, Consulting, Manufacturing, Financial Services, and Energy.
  • Top Functions

    The top five job functions upon graduation for the Working Professional MBA Class of 2021 were General Management, Consulting, Finance, Product Management, and Operations.

Return On Your Investment

Your degree starts paying dividends immediately. In fact, U.S. News and World Report named Texas McCombs the 7th-best part-time MBA program in the country and #1 in Texas —in large part because of how quickly and effectively you’ll advance in your career during school and after graduation.


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