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Masked marketing camp attendees speak together

Career Management

MS Program's Career Management team has a consistently excellent record for assisting employment-seeking students. We guide students through the recruitment process and help employers connect with students.


In addition to teaching the skills needed to thrive in careers in marketing, the Texas McCombs Master of Science degree helps prepare students for the step from graduate school into the professional world.


Our Career Management team provides a variety of resources to our students to help them prepare for the rigorous recruiting season, including:


  • One-on-one advising sessions
  • Resume and cover letter development
  • Case interviewing workshops
  • Mock interviews (peer, staff, and corporate)
  • Company treks
  • Networking events
  • Etiquette lunches
  • Speed interviewing panels (Advisory Council members and alumni)
  • MS student-specific career seminars and curriculum
  • Access to multiple career fairs throughout campus
  • Access to the McCombs alumni database


Completion or participation in a degree program at The McCombs School of Business does not imply or guarantee employment, employment in a particular position, employment in a particular firm or company, advancement, or a specific salary.




MSM graduate Ruhi Deshmukh shares her journey and how her education in the Master of Science in marketing program gave her a wide variety of skillsets.

Students, want help with your resume, interview prep, and more?

  • Our Students Get Results

    We are dedicated to helping employers build their brand on campus and to increase visibility to potential candidates. Additionally, we are happy to meet with recruiters for one-on-one strategy meetings and to offer recommendations for the development of company involvement at McCombs.
  • Meet the Advisory Council

    The MSM Advisory Council is comprised of industry leaders who advise MSM staff on the development of the program. Members have the opportunity to participate in MSM practicum projects, networking events, and student treks.

Employers, reach out today

View resume books or discuss recruiting.

Say Hello to an MSM Alum
My favorite part of the MSM program is that you're being taught by the smartest minds in academia. Moving to the Advisory Council, I'm really lucky to sit with and consult with the smartest minds in industry.
Chandler Nunez, MSM


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