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Student Organizations and Leaders

Whatever your interests, you’ll find a Longhorn to share them with. You can join one of more than 1,000 student organizations on campus and find leadership opportunities, too.

Join Student Organizations across the Forty Acres

Being involved in a student organization is a great way to make friends, gain leadership skills, build your resume and most importantly, have an impact in an area of interest to you. You can find opportunities in the honors program, at McCombs, or across the university.

In the Canfield Business Honors Program

Every Canfield BHP student is automatically a member of the Honors Business Association (HBA), the program's official student organization. HBA puts on more than 50 events a year which span social, professional, philanthropic and academic interests, and nearly every event is free!

In addition to HBA, there are many opportunities to get involved in Canfield BHP.


CBHP Student Positions

  • Volunteer Positions
  • Discover CBHP Co-Chair
  • Steering Committee Member
  • Ethics Board Member
  • Peer Advisor
  • Summer Peer Advisor
  • Peer Mentor
  • Recruiters
  • Recruiting Liaisons
  • Hometown Recruiters
  • Research Interest Group (RIG) Mentor
  • Study Circle Supporters
  • Sophomore Social Co-Chairs
  • Leadership Kickoff Co-Chairs
  • Make-a-Mark Committee Member
  • Sophomore Admit Buddies


*Some positions are paid and some are unpaid

At McCombs

If you are looking for peers with the same interests as you, you may decide to join one of McCombs' student organizations. With more than 30 organizations, a mix of both social and academic, it is easy to find one that fits your interests.

Join McCombs’ student orgs



With more than 1,000 student organizations at UT Austin, there is definitely something for everyone.

View UT’s student orgs


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  • Guide McCombs in the Steering Committee

    The Canfield Business Honors Program Steering Committee serves to foster and increase communication between faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Each semester, the Steering Committee hosts town halls for Canfield BHP students to share input with the program’s faculty and staff.
Two students speak together in class
  • Lead in the Student Ethics Board

    The Ethics Board aims to promote academic integrity, and ensure all members of Canfield BHP uphold the Honor Code. It serves as a resource for students and staff on ethical issues and principles. The Ethics Board's goal is to create a strong ethical reputation for the Canfield Business Honors Program and The University of Texas, and to foster an environment of integrity.
  • Our Students Become Leaders

    Canfield BHP students are leaders across campus. Each year our students win a number of prestigious McCombs and campus-wide awards. When you accept your Canfield BHP admissions offer, you become part of a community that helps its members succeed and pushes you to become a leader in your own right.

Meet Your Peer Mentors

Every freshman in the honors program will have a peer mentor to help guide them through their first year.

Bernardo Burboa Quiroga, Senior, Class of 2022

Major(s): Canfield BHP, Management, Marketing Minor 
Certificate(s): Design Strategies, Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship

Bernardo chose UT because of the community that he instantly found within Canfield BHP. The cohort is full of ambitious and collaborative students who support and push each other to succeed in life and school. He is super excited to be a Peer Mentor and to continue fostering this unique culture and serving as a resource for incoming students. 
Additionally, Bernardo is a leader in the Undergraduate Business Council and Texas Product Engineering Organization. He also serves as a mentor for high school students in Austin and works in talent management. Talk to him about your favorite smoothie, shirts with text, juggling on a unicycle, pink hair, and the best concert you've attended!

Aiden Brasov, Junior, Class of 2023

Major(s): Finance and Plan II Honors

Hailing from Colorado, I desired to be in a vibrant city that was both outdoorsy and artistic, and Austin was just that--plus it had an amazing food scene too! I choose CBHP after attending a lecture and realizing how challenging the content was yet how fun the people were. I wanted to be in a place that would stretch me and allow me room for growth while also connecting me with a community... and CBHP offered me just that. 
I choose to be a Peer Mentor after realizing how much of an impression my own Peer Mentor, Suchin Kundra, made on me during my first year. He really helped me navigate college and I wanted to offer that same opportunity to other freshmen because I know how much of an impact good mentorship can make. Mentoring to me means being real and vulnerable with your mentees, allowing them to learn from your own mistakes while also helping them grow from theirs. 
Beyond CBHP, I am involved with Genesis, a student-run venture group that gives student startups $5k-$15k in startup capital, the Sustainability Investment Group, and Ignite Texas, a 3-day Christian camp to connect incoming freshmen to the local church. Outside of UT, my hobbies include backpacking and eating at all the best restaurants Austin has to offer.

Jennifer Cho, Junior, Class of 2023

Major(s): Finance, Minor in MIS

Jennifer chose Canfield BHP because she wanted to learn in an interactive, low professor-student ratio capacity and be in a tight-knit community where she could grow as an individual, leader, and team player. Being able to balance both classes and explore my other passions through student-orgs on campus, made the decision of choosing Canfield BHP, an extremely easy one! Next, Jennifer explains, "I wanted to be a Peer Mentor to give back to the community that I depended on a lot for advice and support throughout my freshman year. Dealing with rejection, finding a "home" on campus, and balancing both social and academic aspects of college were aspects of freshman year that she struggled with; however, her Peer Mentor, Kevin LePage, and academic advisor, Paul Pritchett, helped her find answers to her questions, which heightened her desire to be a Peer Mentor, when she became an upperclassman. 
To her, mentoring means being there to answer questions, provide advice, and listen to your mentees whenever they need someone to talk or a shoulder to lean on. Also, she thinks that it provided her with an avenue to reflect on how much she's grown from freshman year until now and utilize her past experiences to provide honest and transparent advice to her mentees. Outside of Canfield BHP, Jennifer is involved in the Undergraduate Business Council, Texas Lassos, Texas Finance Team, University Securities Investment Team, Ecosia On Campus, and Honors Business Association. Her hobbies include hiking, swimming, grocery shopping, and event planning for fun!

Jordi Creixell, Senior, Class of 2022

Major(s): Finance, Certificate in Computer Programming

Jordi chose UT and CBHP because to him, it seemed to be the best of both worlds. Being a Houston native, Austin was both new and exciting without having to get too far from home. Along with that, he loved the combination of the huge amount of resources and activities of a large school with the close community and personal attention of a small program like CBHP. Jordi was so dead set on UT that it was the only college he applied to!  
Jordi decided to be a peer mentor because he is passionate about helping others and personally values mentorship, especially in times of transition. First volunteering in high school orientation and retreats, he continued his personal development by becoming a FIG leader at UT, where he led a weekly seminar for freshmen focused on adapting to college. To him, mentorship means being both a friend and a resource. You have to be available any time and be willing to sacrifice your own time and energy for the good of your mentees. Outside of CBHP, Jordi is involved in the Texas Iron Spikes, Texas Consulting, and the Honors Business Association. In his free time, he follows soccer, plays fantasy football, and (tries) to improve his cooking.

Campbell Ingraham, Senior, Class of 2021

Major(s): Canfield BHP, Supply Chain Management, Certificate in Risk Management

My name is Campbell Ingraham and I am very excited to be a peer mentor again this year for CBHP! One of my favorite parts about freshmen year was my peer mentor group and the close-knit community of CBHP. I wanted to be a peer mentor because I really enjoyed helping the freshmen navigate their first semester last year and I genuinely value the importance of mentorship when I was new to UT and nervous about college. I believe a good mentor should be a great listener and authentic with their mentees.  
Over the last 3 years, I have been involved in Austin Collegiate DECA, SCMSO, Lambda Omega Alpha Catholic Fraternity, and I served as a peer mentor in fall 2020. I also love to go lap swimming and taking part in any water activities. In my free time, I like to play video games and watch new movies with my friends, and I am very involved at the University Catholic Center where I also volunteer my time! I am an Austin native and I love to go try new restaurants around town.

Topher Hotchkiss, Senior, Class of 2022

Major(s): Finance, Business and Public Policy, Risk Management, History

Topher chose UT because it was a place that challenged him to be the best he could be by surrounding himself with the best people. Coming from Dallas, Austin also placed him close to home and a valuable support system. Topher chose the Canfield Business Honors program as he knew business was an area that allowed him to have the flexibility to learn and the opportunity to grow. This mixture has been fully validated ever since he first stepped on to the 40 acres. Being a peer mentor felt like the natural next step for Topher as he sought to give back to Canfield BHP after the multitude of years of support that he was given. He spent time as a Peer Advisor his sophomore and junior years and wanted to focus his time on supporting the incoming class of freshmen. 

To him, mentoring means listening and trying to learn everything he can from the people around him. He knows that so many people come from diverse backgrounds and he wants to do everything he can to show others the care and respect they deserve. Good mentors take the time to understand their mentees and continuously show the value they place in that relationship.

Outside of Canfield BHP, Topher is involved in Texas Blazers, Student Government, the Honors Business Association, and the Canfield BHP Ethics Board. His hobbies include spending time with his roommates, volunteering in the Austin community and keeping his body in shape.

Parredhi Khurana, Junior, Class of 2023

Major(s): Management Information Systems, Minor in Marketing

Parredhi chose UT and Canfield BHP after meeting all of the amazing people during Discover Canfield BHP. Being introverted by nature, she was scared to be an outsider amongst the 100 or so students that were there. Instead, she found people coming up to talk to her, making her feel like she truly belonged at UT and in Canfield BHP. Coming from Sugar Land, TX, UT was also the perfect balance between being able to be close to home, without being too close to home!   
Parredhi wanted to be a peer mentor after her peer mentor, Henry, really shaped her experience as a freshman. Henry was always there to guide her through the uncertainty that she faced, and he is still one of the people that she goes to advice for! She knew then that once she became an upperclassman, she wanted to give back to the Canfield BHP community and help freshmen navigate their first year at college and beyond. She hopes to be able to help students take care of themselves (mentally, emotionally, and physically), and push them to do what they want to do and not listen to what everyone else is doing. Parredhi is also a big advocate for mental health, so you can find her talking about that with her community to highlight its importance, especially as a college student.  
On campus, Parredhi is involved with the Steering Committee and Ethics Board as a part of the Canfield BHP community. She serves as the Vice President of Community Service of a business fraternity called Delta Sigma Pi and as a member of Hindu Students Association. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends, going on spontaneous adventures, watching Friends and HGTV, journaling, and drinking lots of coffee! 

Sehaj Sandhu, Junior, Class of 2023

Major(s): Finance, Minor in Management Information Systems, Certificate in Real Estate

I chose UT Austin because of the academic challenge and collaborative community provided by the Canfield Business Honors Program and the opportunity to live in the heart of Austin. I became a Peer Mentor because I love helping others! It brings me great satisfaction to watch my mentees find and excel in their passions. I want them to not have to make the same mistakes I made and reach newer and greater heights. Also, the amazing relationships with my own peer mentor, Suchin Kundra, and my peer mentor group inspired me to provide the same amazing experience to the future generations of CBHP. 
Outside of CBHP, I am involved on the Texas Management Consulting Association and Saaya, UT's premier national Bollywood fusion dance team. In my free time you can catch me playing Spikeball at Clark Field, exploring vegetarian food around Austin, and binge-watching Naruto.

Tanvi Shahane, Senior, Class of 2022

Major(s): Finance, Accounting, Risk Management

I chose CBHP because of its tight-knit community. I have loved finding my place in the program, while exploring everything UT and Austin have to offer. I am so excited to be a Peer Mentor this year because I hope to give back to a community and family that has impacted me so much. Being in CBHP has given me some of my closest and strongest relationships at UT. I am excited to be a resource and guide to those starting in CBHP because I know how big of an impact my Peer Mentor had on me.  
On campus, I am involved in HBA, the Canfield Business Honors Program Ethics Board, and GirlAdvocates. Through GirlAdvocates, I have been able to get involved in the Austin community by mentoring young girls and promoting education. In my free time, I enjoy watching movies, trying new foods, and exploring new places. I love meeting new people and love talking about anything!

Michael Smith, Senior, Class of 2022

Major(s): Canfield BHP, Finance Major, Management Minor

You may have encountered Michael performing a magic trick on campus before. He loves to be social and make new friends at every opportunity! He is from Spring, Texas, where he grew up, went to high school, and watched his father run a small business of restaurants. From this appreciation for business, Michael found himself coming to the Forty Acres and joining the Canfield Business Honors Program to study Finance and Management. What he didn't expect was the community and immense support that he would find in this CBHPhamily at UT Austin. 
Michael knew that he would want to be a Peer Mentor after looking up to his own, Suchin Kundra, as a freshman. He wants to be able to guide students through their transition to college and Canfield BHP, offering as much insight, support, and encouragement as possible. To Michael, a mentor is someone who can not only provide assistance and advice throughout a period of life, but additionally a friend, confidant, and counselor that people can go to with concerns, fears, and problems. He hopes to be such a person in the lives of his mentees. 
In addition to his role as a Peer Mentor, Michael is a counselor for Ignite Texas, a Christian organization for incoming freshmen and transfer students seeking community and spiritual guidance. He also is a Social Committee Member in the Honors Business Association, Hometown Recruiter for Canfield BHP, and Scholar/Student Ambassador for the Forty Acres Scholars Program. 
Reach out to Michael to learn more about his love for magic, violin, mariachi, musical theatre, movies, baking, and more!

Kirsten Wunrow, Senior, Class of 2022

Major(s): Management Information Systems, Certificate in Applied Statistical Modeling

Kirsten applied to Canfield BHP for challenging and engaging academics, but she chose to attend because of the Canfield BHP community. Kirsten was in a wheelchair during her college touring season, and she found herself struggling and/or stranded at most colleges, trying to find the ADA accessible entrances. At Discover CBHP, however, her future peers offered help her at every step of the tour, and she immediately met people she could see as future classmates, friends, and roommates. These relationships were strengthened freshman year with the program's opportunities in the Honors Business Association, NOLS, and her peer mentor group. 
Kirsten loves the flexibility that Canfield BHP provides. Beyond her business courses, she enjoys studying how humans interact with technology, nature, and physical spaces. She is a licensed ham radio operator and is currently working under an Undergraduate Research Fellowship to study the effects of environmental and technical factors on amateur radio communities. 
Kirsten is Events Officer and telemetry team member for Longhorn Racing, an organization that builds and races formula cars. She is also passionate about Texas native habitats and is on track to become a Texas Master Naturalist. Kirsten loves to talk about Formula 1, camping, needlework, and IKEA.